When I'm here; You're There

November 4, 2010
By Katelyn Holm BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
Katelyn Holm BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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When I'm here
You're there
When I'm there
You're here
When I'm inside
You're outside
When I'm right
You're wrong
When it comes to believing
I do
You don't
When it comes to a dream
I reach for it
You sit there
When it comes to love
I'm all for it
You're not
When it comes to honesty
I'm true
You're not
When i say friends are forever
You say they are only temporary
When i say i hate you
You say you love me
When i tell you to be honest
You tell me you are
When i say quit lying
You smile
When i turn and walk away
YOu cathch my arm and turn me aroung
I say we will never be the same
You say it's a matter of time
One day we will feel the same
We will be the same
When i say you're my best friend
You smile, look me in the eyes and say Friends are forever
When I'm here
You are always there

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