November 4, 2010
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Well, it’s happened again
And it will end… I don’t know when.
I’d really just love to go to bed
But I’ve brought this on myself instead
And it’s becoming a complication
The problem I have with procrastination

Yes, I know it’s happened in the past
But it’s not my fault time flies so fast!
And doesn’t everyone else do it too?
They put things off ‘til it’s almost due!

You see, it had seemed so far away
Yet somehow I now have only today
But please understand
I had other things planned
And I thought I would be okay.

Before, no one else had started, including me
Before, I had swim practice, starting at three
Before, I hadn’t checked my email
Before, my friends had plans and I couldn’t just bail!

Before, I thought I had plenty of time
I could start next week and be just fine.
Before, I really needed some sleep
I wouldn’t dig myself into a hole too deep
Before, I had notifications on Facebook!
It didn’t hurt to take a quick look
Before, I didn’t have any starting ideas…
And I still don’t have a rhyme for “idea”

But by now you’ve heard every last excuse
So now allow me to introduce
The monster my mistake has come to produce…

Now I feel like I’m smothered by stress
Now I’m not making any progress
Now I take a look at the clock
Now I’m regarding the hour with shock!

Now, at the clock I still stare aghast
That much time just couldn’t have passed!
Now, I’m definitely in panic mode
And my head feels like it’s gonna explode.
Now, I realize I’ve been distracted once more
By the rate this is going, I may be done… at four!
Now, I do believe I should take a break
Maybe that could help my throbbing headache

Later, I’ll be happy, and done
Later, I’ll be smiling, bright as the sun
Later sounds so far away
But I’ll get there somehow; I’ll find a way

Still, right now is not later; I can feel myself sadden
If only this situation didn’t have to happen
But wait, it didn’t, that was fault of mine
A mistake I know could happen next time

So now, let me warn you, of just one thing:
Procrastination, and of course, the mess it will bring
For the sake of your sanity, don’t give in to distractions
Don’t be the one to blame of inaction
Don’t induce the burning frustration
Don’t bring upon yourself the desperation

Procrastination’s a beast,
An awful affliction at least.
It’s a horrible sickness, a fatal disease
An illness one must swiftly appease
Starting tomorrow.

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