Light Me The Way, You Fireflies

October 29, 2010
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A thousand warriors fell in the col.
Fight no more,
pain stabs like a thorn.

you never knew,
the safe eyes,
the warm suns.

Never keep your sorrows closed.
Man will light the way,
the way safe enough.

See the fireflies.
Fireflies light the same light,
the never quite fire.
Light me the way,
you fireflies.

Is it true?
Is it safe?
Is it more pain to lose
the light of the summer?
To let the winter cold
push and drag into you?

You're holding me,
you fireflies.

The thousand warriors you never knew,
whose hand fight in the snow.
Pain is its cause,
the sorrows

Keep holding me,
you fireflies.

Become the light,
Become the fireflies
whose fire, whose light,
warms the winter cold.

Light me the way,
you fireflies.

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