Don't Define Me

October 29, 2010
By , mahrashtra, India
She’s superior she’s snooty,
She’s supercilious she’s stuck-up.
She’s patronizing she’s condescending,
And we really really hate her.

If we run into her at malls,
She won’t even say hi.
At parties she won’t mingle,
Beyond her group of friends or people who she likes.

I know they think I’m snobbish
What they don’t know is I’m shy.
And when they talk to me,
I don’t have the confidence,
To look them in the eye.

I know they think I don’t mingle
But the truth is I’m afraid,
Afraid of being rejected,
Afraid of being detested.

I wish they could see past my silence,
They’d see a different me,
Not a girl who patronizes,
But one who only wants to be -
Wants to be accepted,
Wants to be loved,
Wants to have the courage,
To look you in the eye when you talk,
Wants to grow past her shyness,
A girl who just wants to belong.

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