October 29, 2010
By alexmorris93 BRONZE, Abington, Massachusetts
alexmorris93 BRONZE, Abington, Massachusetts
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Day by day there he lay
Thinking of the moments gone away
He epressed himself in many ways
But this wasnt and ordinary day

On this day he picked up a pen
Not really knowing where to begin
Then a thought popped in his head
To write a verse as strong as lead

One verse turned into two
Writing not like many do
In these verses he began to write
A rhyme out of his time

The verse he laid showed some rhythm
And a bit of symbolism
Soon the paper exploded with words
Like no one has ever heard

These words had some meaning
Descriptive feelings and whole life stories
Even mentioning a few of his worries
Quite the opposite of a life of glory

Soon enough his emotions came pouring out
Like a fountain without a spout
He cried and wept with his stories
But that is what poetry is all about

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