inlove with the word change

November 2, 2010
inlove with the word change.

Inlove with the fact of the changing what you are

changing WHO you are

changing what you've done

And whats yet to come.

Changing you is what she plans to do

what she thinks she can do

but oh how she is so terribly wrong

for she doesnt know change comes with in time

that is if you let it happen.

You cant change what refuses to be changed

there so long gone there poisoned by wrong doing

satisfied with the sorrow of others

unaware of there actions they continue

you painfully watch

trying to reach out

but in there eyes your a ghost

your dead

they cant feel you

they cant hear your

your touch has no effect

your dead

there strength is you

your attention

your love...

you give them life

They have full controll

they know your weakness

a single tear brings you to your knees....

there in controll

and you,your just to weak to speakk.


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