November 2, 2010
By Anakin BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Anakin BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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I can't wrap my thoughts around the idea of you and me and happiness.
Could it be the past that damages us like a sword with no hilt?
Or is it you and I, the poison that we chug, as though dying is the ultimate prize?
Can we build ourselves up on broken trust, a broken foundation?
May I be allowed to hate the changes that we have made?
Can I have back the heart that you have stolen, and beaten and suffocated with your lies?
Time is not fast enough to heal,
It's not even fast enough to conceal the scars.

I don't want to be a soundtrack of shattered lyrics and choppy beats stuck on repeat.
The more I try to escape my fate, the faster it follows.

When will I stop listening?
Even if I were to deafen myself with angry jabs at my ears with sharp daggers,
The lyrics would remain as my eternal punishment for a sin I did not commit.
When will I stop listening to the words that were never said?
Not making promises does not mitigate the pain when it's all broken in the end.
Could it be the unspoken bonds are more powerful than the spoken ones?

We must brace ourselves for the winds of honesty to shred us.
Facing the conflict and uncertainty that awaits us,
Here I stand.

My love for you swims in my veins, burying itself so deep that I must purge myself to stay alive.
But I remain on the cracked tiles of unwashed flith.
My only regret
Is you.

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