This One is For You, God:)

October 21, 2010
Everyone around me kept talking about how how deep and how wide Your grace and Your mercy are.

"But God", I said, "I dont see it. I dont see You. I dont hear You. I dont feel You."

And on those many nights when it felt like a neverending circle of sleeplessness,

When the despair screamed at my face, and the quiet, haunting whispers of the darkness flooded my mind,

That's when I wondered if the realtionship with You, that they so often bragged about was really all it was hyped up to be.

I mean, they say bragging is a bad thing. what do u call it? a sin?

I was doing good, just fine. I lived in a "happy little dream" that weve been taught to call life.

Then, You decided to make your grand entrance, when you wanted to show up.

There was no use in begging or pleading with the desperate tears leaking from my face, no use in crying away the pain.

You took everything, God, You woke me up with what seemed like a slap in the face.

You ruined everything. You tore me from my "happy little dream", and i thought id never find another place.

You ruined my life,God....and for that, i want to say thanks :)

If it wasnt for You, I would have never found where my knees fell to a surrender on the floor.

It was there that you made my heart your permanent home,

And when i was falling so hard and so fast, You caught me in the palm of your hand-i finally found a place.

If it wasnt for you then i wouldn't be the girl I am today, with spirit of joy and a smile across my face.

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ADifferentKindOfPrincess said...
Sept. 22, 2011 at 5:32 pm
This is really good. It shows your anger toward God- that everyone feels at some point. Then it shows how gracious God is. Your work is inspirational! Keep writing and always be true to yourself and God.
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