The Worst Loss

November 2, 2010

Losing a friend is hard,
especially one that is more.
If down drops our guard,
there is a chance you’ll be hurt.

Delaying the truth,
can cause one harm.
Hitting hard like Babe Ruth,
might get you in trouble.

Discovering deceit,
is the hardest bump,
Life is just a repeat,
of someone else dream.

Making the leap,
be careful to jump hard.
Tears gather in a heap,
you try to brush them away.

Vow to never say bye,
and hold on forever.
Even if you are shy,
pull out the courage.

Standing ovation,
is no longer needed.
All observation,
but all over now.

Hearts are broken,
in too little pieces.
Words are spoken,
to deny the worst.

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