The Pill

November 2, 2010
By , Elfrida, AZ
Sitting in the firelight,
wondering about tomorrow.
Rage in a powerful might,
screaming in sorrow.

Energy passes through her bones,
in a small shock wave.
She has a weak tone,
as her knees gave.

Consoled by heat,
she gives a small smile.
She remembers a treat,
but is it a long while.

Knees shaking,
with intense fear.
Heart is breaking,
from voices she hears.

Petting her dog,
she sits silently.
She yells a song,
but quite violently.

She remembers the guys,
but sits still.
While drying her eyes,
wanting to take the pill.

Eyes wandering,
they stop at a small locker.
Just sits their pondering,
but voices making a mockery.

She looms every which way,
uncertain the right road.
By now it is day,
she enters a scarred mode.

Mumbling under hear breath,
she thinks hard.
Shall this be the way of her death,
but she stands her guard.

Feeling a relentless ache,
she falls to the ground.
She tries hard not to take,
in her brain is a mound.

Pressuring herself to leave,
she turns to it with a sigh.
She starts to weave,
but ends with a lie.

The end shall come,
whispering in her ear.
Try me if your dumb,
look in the mirror.

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