Mixed Signals of the Heart

November 2, 2010
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Your eyes yield mysteries,
Your secrets are guarded well.
Your voice says one thing,
Your heart says another.
You send me mixed messages,
Through body, language and mind.
Your voice repeating no,
Your actions reinforcing no,
But your heart screaming yes.

Your love remains unguarded,
But the only way to it,
Is for me to lift my own hearts protection.
Only then will I be able to understand your mixed signals.
But when lifting my own hearts protection,
I risk the chance of being rejected, and hurt.
I cannot see into your soul,
I cannot interpret your intricate web
Of feelings and desires.
How will I know if you truly love me?
Or if you are just playing with my heart?

I will take the chance,
Because you do the math,
If I open my heart,
And you open yours,
Two people will become one,
Connected through body, mind, and soul.

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