I got a Dollar

November 3, 2010
By , Gulfport, MS
What would the world be like without hate?

when can people come together and begin to relate?

when will all the fighting stop?

when will the gang bangers stop killing innocent ones, making' their mother's heart drop?

all these questions I ask, I sometimes feel like there's no answer

So I'm stuck in my own little imaginary world

One without fights, one without cancer

I'm wishing the real world will find an answer

The world isn't gonna change because the president is black........

People are in over their heads, it takes more than that.

Stop the bullying, stop the hating, stop the bullshit, stop the drama

Live life to the fullest, bring degrees home to mama............

Be a leader not a follower, be a listener more than a talker...

did you know it takes less muscles to smile than to frown?

Smile more, your using more energy than u have to u clown.....

That sounded like an insult....to u...

...I know it did

Maybe you should look at yourself, regenerate your outlook

.....and try again

because I'm merely tryna help, I'm tryna be a friend

So why does LOOKS matter??

....Why is that the foundation that society is set on today?

you insult a person because what they are WEARING and you SWEAR its o.k. =/

whats up with the cults and shit

........I swear I'm tired of hearing about it

stop the drama, stop the faking, stop this terrible rumor

the bull that you spread...to me....is like a tumor

its hard to want and its hard to get

stop tryna take over the world, forget about it

WAKE me UP when the world changes....... because I am tired........

If living this life were a job, i would have BEEN got fired

Lets help this life, lets put it in the right range

all i have is a dollar world....

can I please have some change?

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Kareebear. said...
May 11, 2011 at 4:19 pm
Really loving this!!!!! however, i just have one disagreement....... when you said that nothing is getting done because your president is black...... Well, I think that he is getting things done but it is taking more time than most people understand becaause he has also had to fix everything bad that Bush did. I say that people did take it a little out of proportion that we have a black president now but they forgot that he is a president and should be treated with respect as if he were a white ... (more »)
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