November 3, 2010
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I come with a smile’ I leave with a frown.
You put me down before I get the chance to make a sound.
I can’t connect to the world you call reality.
I’m stuck in a cage barred from your normality.
The barrier is just too strong for me to break.
I’m stuck with me, the one you call a mistake.
The things I do you will never understand.
Your barriers keep you far away from my land.
I’m different from you, from all the others.
My words come out so awkwardly they could only gain the love of a mother.
Maybe if you tried to understand, if you gave me a chance things would change.
Maybe you wouldn’t think of me as just deranged.
I wouldn’t just be the weird target of your spiteful words.
Maybe you’d even let me roam with your friends, in your heard.
I could be your friend if you would just stop and reach out.
Until then I’ll be the only one to hear the echoes of my lonely shouts.

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