Somebody I love

November 3, 2010
You are the coolest, finest, sweetest person anywhere. When I'm around you I can't help but love you more than I know how. You can make me feel so special, so important, so... needed. and I LOVE that feeling, when it comes from you, I know its completely true. You need me, I need you. Babe without you, I'd forget how to breathe, literally. You're the first person I'd pick to be with me, right by my side. When you say "I love you" everything that once was in gray, turns into a world of color. Your voice, only a person like me would say "I love it, and wouldn't change it for anything." It makes you, you. Why would I want to change it? Your voice is amazing. For you, every mistake I make, will be held as a regret, I'd apologize until my voice box dies. If I ever made you cry, it would break me. Then I'd know I wasn't worthy enough to make you happy. I'd hate myself so deeply, I can't hurt you. I can't, if I did, I'd be my own murder. I love you so much I'd do anything in the world for you, anything, just ask. I'm so glad I know you are worth my time, you're worth every second I spend writing this for you. and when I see your pictures, I think "Nobody else can compare." you look amazing, and every time I see a different or newer picture, I smile. The memory of you, is something I'll never forget. Neither god, nor the devil can erase the memory of you. You're unforgettable, believe me. I promise with all my heart and soul, I shall love you, not until the day I die, but longer than that, I shall love you for all of time, past ours deaths, I'll love you in heaven until time itself stops. You and me, no we may not be perfect, I admit I am far from it, but perfect for each other? Oh yes we are. I'll say this like it's the last time I'm going to, but I LOVE YOU, I love you like nothing else I've ever loved.

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