Why Did You Make Me Go?

November 3, 2010
By AllTogetherMuddyAngel GOLD, Unionville, Missouri
AllTogetherMuddyAngel GOLD, Unionville, Missouri
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I am looking out my bedroom window,
Wondering where i should go,
I imagine im with you,
You said your love is true,
I look up at the morning glow,
And wonder why the sun is slow,
Im tired as can be right now,
But i really dont know how,
I love you with all my might,
And i really dont wanna fight,
I feel the calmness in the air,
And wonder how it is all there,
With you gone i want to cry,
Why did you have to die,
You left your mark on my heart,
It tore me apart when you had to depart,
I feel the soft touch of your skin,
But i realize its only the wind,
I leave the window and walk to your grave,
Its hidden deep in our secret cave,
I sit by your secret stone,
And feel the coldness caress my bones,
I lay down on the solid ground,
Hoping to hear your loving heart pound,
I remember the way you saved me from dieing,
But i remember you did it by lying,
You promised you'd be okay if i left,
Then the fire brought you to your death,
Now your stuck in this cave,
While im slowly dieing on your grave,
I just want to know,
Why did you make me go?

The author's comments:
What inspired me was losing the best guy i ever did know and ever will know, No hes not really dead but it feels like it to me, He wont talk to me anymore and i really miss him a lot, Every day i try to tell myself I don't love him. :(

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