The Mind of a Criminal

November 3, 2010
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My mind is a maze.
It’s depths as endless as the sea.
The sea on which I stand at this moment.
Its waves rocking me back and forth.
A mother rocks her child in the seat across from me.
The sunlight shines on its innocent face.
The sun. The dreaded, hated sun.
The sun that unveiled the deadliest of my desires.
I see the sun glint on a band of silver.
I see the sun glint on a flawless diamond.
Flawless. The perfection of her face.
White skin. Dark hair. Red lips. Framed by the magnificent necklace.
The necklace. The true beauty. My true desire.
The necklace is the reason my mind cannot stop.
“Stop”, yells the ferryman as we pull into the dock.
The crowds gather toward the exit ramp.
This is my chance. My one exit from desperation.
I should walk the other way. Leave the woman to her night.
Night falls as I stalk the woman throughout the city.
To dinner. To a show. I watch as she tries to spot her car.
The car. The final resting place.
A black leather lined, chrome infused coffin.
The woman has no thoughts of death or coffins as I appear.
Her only thoughts are returning home.
I wonder where her home is as I grab her shoulder.
Horror fills her face as she spins toward me.
As she spins my hand reaches into my pocket.
The glint of metal confirms her deepest fears.
Fear turns to anger as I follow the routine.
“Give me what I want and you can go.”
“Go” yells her subconscious as she tries to run.
No manner of running could outrun my bullet.
The bullet. The final nail in the coffin.
Thoughts of coffins now buzz in my head, not hers.
Her head faces the cold concrete as I approach.
Blood, deep red blood, has begun to pool around her.
Deep red, just like the lips on her beautiful face.
Such a sad end for a true beauty.
Now what is my ending?
I have my necklace, and a bounty on my head just as priceless.
My mind is a maze.
A maze with no solution.

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