Tick Tick

November 1, 2010
By Emin3mAC SILVER, Nogalas, Arizona
Emin3mAC SILVER, Nogalas, Arizona
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The clock is ticking
I hear it *tick tick*
The pumping of my heart
Pumping to stay alive
I regain consciousness and feel a rather burning sensation
I think it’s coming from my wrist
But I still hear that *tick tick*
Inside the clock I hear only but the wave of a whisper
Nobody really notices when we go
When we really choose to leave
At best you may feel a chill breeze down your snake spine

I tried to keep that promise
The one I never thought I would break
Only because I promised to that one person
The only person that I knew actually cared
But I broke it
Like the promise was never even made
*tick tick*
But as I lay on the bathroom tile
Not able to speak one word
I hear the clock
It’s ticking faster and faster
My heart is beating slower and slower
My blood in a puddle around my pale lifeless body
The Ticking. *tick tick*


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