Eternal Lovers

November 1, 2010
By Umbrahound SILVER, Magnolia, Ohio
Umbrahound SILVER, Magnolia, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
I'm not the devil, but I'm close as hell.

Your Beautiful Eyes,
Like Windows into My own Soul,
For when I Look at you,
I See all my hopes and dreams.
I See everything I aspire to be,
And I see the Person who can make me Reach those Goals.

And I Feel,


And I Feel so large yet,

So Small.

You Immerse me in Love that Ive never felt.
And I wonder,
But Ive learned to Live with it,
And Embrace it,
Because it makes me Get out of Bed each Morning.

I stay up Late to Hear your Voice as Much as Possible,

Before the Darkness Pervades my Dreams,
And my Fear of Loosing you is Played out Once more,
Like the Night Before,
And the Night Before,
And the Night Before,
And the Night Before,
And the Night Before....

But I ignore my Dreams,
For I know you Wont allow yourself to Leave like that.

You know exactly how to make me Smile,

-Not an Easy Task,

And know how to make me Feel Weak,
When all I want to be for you is Strong.

You can Disarm me with a single Glance,
Or Empower me with Just a touch.

Your voice is like a harmonic Melody,
Sent straight from the Angels to grace my ears,
And my Soul.

I Close my Eyes and Listen to you Breathe,
And Everything else just goes...



And The Warmth of your Skin Revives my steady Beating heart,
Revives it with a Power its never known.

The Future scares me,
More than anything else.
Uncertainty is not My Friend,
And Neither is Change.

But I am Willing to be Open to them,
and Let you In my Heart,
My Life,
My Soul.

And No Matter what Anyone may say,

They've Never been in my Soul.

They've Never Gotten in my Head the way you do,
And I love it.

But I hate it.
You know how to work Everything in your favor,
Because I dont want to Disappoint you.

And I feel so bad when I do,

All I want to seem is Invincible,
And I cant.

But when I fail,

You're right there to Kiss me,

Lift me Up,

Brush me Off,

And tell me that We're Perfect the way we are.

Perfect for Eachother.

Perfect for None Other.

Soul mates?
Twin Flames?

Some would say that,
I Say-

Eternal Lovers.

The author's comments:
Something I wrote ages ago that no longer holds any weight whatsoever.

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