Final Dreams

November 1, 2010
By Umbrahound SILVER, Magnolia, Ohio
Umbrahound SILVER, Magnolia, Ohio
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When We Hit that Final Night,
The Night When Our Head Hits the Pillow for the Final Time,
Who Knows What Happens After That?
Just Think,
The Next Morning,
Everyone Who We Lived For Wakes Up
-Possibly Without Their One True Love-
And What of Us?

Nothing Breaks My Heart more than knowing One Day,
I'll leave Everything I care about Behind me.
The Thought of Being Able to Have One Moment in Time Repeat and Replay,
It's all I want.
I want to be Able to Live in the Perfect Moment Without Thinking
-Hey, Im Growing up-

"This Night could Last Forever"
And I wish That was True.
The Thought of Growing Older and Loosing this all Haunts me Every Day.
Everything that Happened 5 minutes ago is a Memory,
Never to be Repeated.
Never to Be Relived...

Seconds to Minutes long,
Feel like Days.

Just Maybe,
On that Final Night,
When We Lay Our Heads Down for the Last Time,
Maybe Some Synapses Fire Up,
Maybe Some Triggers are Pulled,
And Maybe We Dream Our Fondest Memories.
Maybe We Dream Our Life Long Dreams.
Maybe We Dream About the Ones We Loved.
Or The One.

Maybe We Have the Dreams of The Lives We Wanted to Have.
Where Everything was Perfect,
Everyone was Happy,
Everyday was Good,
And You Were With Your One True Love.
Maybe You Could Go back and Fix your Mistakes and Relive Life with Those Choices.

Maybe Thats What Happens In Your Head as it Corrodes that Final night.
Maybe Thats What Happens Right Before You Die..


Or Final Dreams,
Counted as Seconds to the Rest of the World,
But to the Dreamer,
Felt as Days.


The author's comments:
Just a thought that came to me one Night.

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