"High School"

November 1, 2010
We all worry about our futures,
What career path is right for you?
The nervousness seen in one and all,
Through the halls we ponder and push.
Homework every night,
Test and quizzes by day.
Then finally our salvation arrives,
A holiday!
Back to school before you know it,
And more late nights, the old responsibilities.
Trying hard to listen to the teachers,
It’s for our own profit that we pay attention.
Striving hard to make the principle’s list,
Or just settling for honor roll.
Report card day!
Smiling faces!
Some people didn’t do as well as they predicted.
Geometry, Biology, World History
Brains full of so much knowledge.
Four years seems so long,
But before we know it that time is no more.
What’s next?
The scores will decide the right path.
Decisions will determine your future.
High school is only the beginning.

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