November 1, 2010
I contemplate the insignificant
Lying awake during the hour of the wolf
Crying, wishing I could fall asleep
I ask myself questions I know to be unanswerable

Where is the universe?
What is life?
Why is it so prevalent?
When is eternity?
Who am I?

A professor of physics nor a monk could answer me these
These riddles of the absent mind
Minding their own business while I mind it too
Too many nightmares happen before I am asleep

And into the rain that punches my window
I step out of my head
The woman with the lights
Tells me it will be alright

That cool rain that has no purity
At first virgin water, now tainted with my state’s acid
I am in the storm, waiting for the answers to be spoken to me
When I realize I can speak them to myself

And thusly, I cry into the occupied ear of the earth,
Peom! Peom! Peom!
A word that means nothing
Has every solution to my aching, pulsating thoughts

My fat, swollen, tired eyes don’t look ahead
Because I know what is there
I know it is all black, for it is the upsetting night
Yet, I lie to myself
Go! Open you sleepy windows!
Raise your curtains and behold!
A marvelous vista is displayed before me
Purple catoos and brown riggins all dance with jubilation

The miraculous lie in front of me, is not black
Life is not black!
Life is beating and thrusting and euphorically answering my calls

The nonsense questions, the pointless questions
Of course! Answered by a nonsense, pointless word!
My eyes are now lean and fit and ready to love
The triumphs of my teenage body rise up

The images of the unseeable glow in my dreams
The thoughts of what I can’t see create the tower of my heritage
Which proudly stands and shadows my negative feelings
That beacon of imagination puts all insecurities to rest with zeal and

Passion! O sweet, warm passion!
You fuel my every move and every thought!
The passion of my words stem from the genetic makeup
Of my ancestors and their inventiveness

Peom! That missing puzzle piece
That no-where-to-be-found statement
Not present, and as a result
questions and religions still dominate the common mind

Pious children of the earth
All my envy is aimed at you, and how!
Faithful men and women and beasts of this world
you mock me with your trust in the unprovable

Because proof is the anti-Peom
Peom being the leap
Peom being the lonely freak
asking you for love

Peom being the end all be all of life
The least quintessential reply
to the questions, who what when where and why
However, the most important and the most correct

I contemplate the insignificant
a boulder I must push through to get to peace
To achieve Nirvana, this must be tackled
So I choose not to cry and to disallow myself to succumb to fear

I sit in the classroom in the cloudy heavens,
Heaven being all consuming, non-existent, and ever-endemic in this universe
The teacher calls on me to answer the question at hand
So, my footsteps heavy and full of intent,

I walk to the blackboard and unsheathe my sword, the blade being chalk and awe
I move my utensil across the dark wall of madness
and leave my stain, wether it shall be erased or not I am unable to tell
But I know that this answer I’ve written matters to me

The blackboard now reads a wonderfully loud, Peom!

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