Scared For Once

November 1, 2010
I'm the type of girl that will do anything once.
That is...until it comes to boys.
I'm a total chicken when it comes to telling a boy i like him.
I like a guy right now as i type this.
He is one of my best friends...
I'm just afraid to tell him...because I'm afraid of what he will say....
The craziest thing is....
Whenever I'm in class and i stand up to wait for the bell to ring. I can see him starin at me.
We will sometimes look at each other for a minute or two.
Wondering in that one minute, what could possibly going through his mind?
Does he like me?
Does he just look at me..because he has nothing better to do?
Please, I need help! I don't know what to do.
Should I tell Him?
Get a Friend To Tell Him?
Just Don't Tell Him at All....
So I testify..that once in my life...I am finally scared.
Scared for once.

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