Love Me Once, Love Me Twice

November 1, 2010
By MissCourtney94 GOLD, Worthville, Kentucky
MissCourtney94 GOLD, Worthville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
-the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

You told me you loved me..that was a lie
You told me you would never hurt me...that was a lie
I believed you when you said you would do anything to keep me
Thinking of you has to be the worst thing right now.
After what you did...After what has happened
I don't think i could ever believe you again!

You told me you loved me...but we had to keep our Love a secret
Do you know how much that hurt to hear you say that
We can't go out
If we can't be together
All I wanted from you was...
Trust, Honesty, Love, & Compassion
But you couldn't give me either of those

You lied to me
You cheated on me
You lied about loving me
There was never any compassion
I hate you.

You Loved Me Once
You Loved Me Twice
I was even willing to give you a third.
But i would just be stupid if I was to believe you again
No More!
No more pictures of you and me on my walls
No more home videos of us
No more thinking about how you treated me

I am new!
I am improved
I am Me

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