Locked Out

November 1, 2010
By bellagolightly BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
bellagolightly BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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I slid down the hot, green plastic
My hair filled with static, like a lion’s mane.
The shrill pitch of a whistle cut through the screaming children.
I bolted inside, frigid school air chilling me to the bones.
Everyone bounded to the water fountain
Except a fiery red-haired boy and me.
Three loud bangs on the door cut through the silence
I glanced out of the glass, smudged with sticky handprints of six year olds.
There stood three girls with tears staining their faces.
The boy with the blazing hair shoved open the door.
The abandoned girls gave him thanks
Hugging and playfully running their fingers through his flaming scarlet hair.

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