Time Fades

November 1, 2010
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Time fades as fast as one can blink an eye
And with that time memories are lost
It’s as if you are spinning in a circle
And then you stop
But the world keeps going
Passing faster and faster
Slipping further and further away

Time fades along with every feeling you once held
Not sure where it has all gone
But one day you awake and it is missing
Every last bit of fire they once had is far from strong
Your straining to hold on with all of your strength
But then the rope breaks and you fall

Time fades along with every morning dream
You slowly come back from
Away from every fairy tale love story
That you once lived in, that was not only a dream
But a sudden reality
And then one day you wake and find it to be a rude awakening
Your fairy tale is gone

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