Drowned With No Trust

November 1, 2010
By Lyric4 SILVER, Greeley, Colorado
Lyric4 SILVER, Greeley, Colorado
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You judge me and tell me I am something that I am not.
No matter what I speak, it is unheard by you.
Not believed. Not for a second.
I try and tell you what is true,
But do you hear this time,
No. Because it is not what you have drawn out in your mind.
You act like you want me to live up to what you say I am.
Why would anyone want to be that?
Especially when you don’t want someone like that.
You say you can read my emotions and tell me I lied.
What did you see because I haven’t lied.
I haven’t done any of the accused things.
Every action and move is questioned.
Nothing done is ever done right.
You act like you know everything, never have to guess.
But what about me makes you so curtain that I am the way you picture.
All the time between us would only draw out more and worse accusations.
I am me. I have always been me. I always plan to be me.
Why jugde? Scared of unknowing.
Trust is useless. When no matter what is said, the point is never glanced at.
Because you’re always right.

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