A Teen

October 30, 2010
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He is a teen who is addicted.
He seeks for something to ease away the pain.
Something that would give him comfort.
So a thick white fog covers his face and Nick a teen is itching for more and more in his head.

A forceful smell goes up his nose.
Wanting to put the white “sweet” substance in his blood.
He loves this feeling of intoxication, relaxation, and laziness.
And watches the red, blue, and green lights mix together.
And loses track of time and date. And he is taking off.

He doesn’t realize that every time he does this, the white fog spreads.
To his family, friend, and himself. Consequently spreads itself to other people they come in contact with.
Slowly and silently putting an end to the ones that are vulnerable to the white fog.

He wants to get away from the darkness he lives in.
And is looking for strength to end this.
To stop the pain that lives inside him.
That is causing him to do this.
But he is too addicted.

The only thing that could determine his fate is Hope.
Hope is his cure that would stop his high.
But he doesn’t know when she will come.
Only he can decide when Hope will return in his life.
She told him to either pick his addiction or her.
And she gave Nick a bottle of pills with his name tagged on them.
She said “you taking these pills will bring Hope into your life
Or it can be another thing for you to abuse.
And another thing in your life you will lose.”

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echome94 said...
Nov. 17, 2010 at 3:04 pm
Nice, i put a poem in the forums called CRACK IS WACK. I like the way you described addiction, and who you lose to it.
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