I'm Sorry I Can't Be You

I'm sorry I can't be a small-minded bigot
Who can't understand that a man and a man
Being together is called love, and I'm sorry
That I can't be a rich little straight girl who
Doesn't understand that a woman holding hands
With another woman is called affection.

I'm sorry I can't be one of the rioters,
Holding up picket signs outside the courthouses
To let everyone know how wrong their opinion is.
I'm sorry I can't a be state representative,
Sitting in a stuffy room arguing that God
Said this, and God said that, when there
Is supposed to be a seperation between
The words of God and the State.

I'm sorry I can't be a social worker
Prying tearful children from the arms
Of their parents just because they
Are the same gender as one another.
I'm sorry I can't be a judge,
Ruling that a man cannot have custody
Of his child because his wife is homophobic.

I'm sorry I can't be you.

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shrutimallik said...
Nov. 16, 2010 at 11:40 am
and also i think its stupid to use "god said that" because theres a separation between words of god and state and so i agree with u and its mostly because i am an atheist and also because its true....
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