The Foe Unseen

October 30, 2010
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The Foe Unseen

Sweat trickling down your forehead, the onslaught ignites.
That's always been the first sign, letting you know you're about to fight.
But how do you fight an enemy that can't be seen? How do you fight that which is within?
Simple answer, you don't. You wait. You sit, no, you lay there. Curled up there.
Wherever there happens to be.

Now they're looking. Quick, cover it up.
You're getting stares, you'd almost think you were getting mauled by bears.
The strange intrigue with the extra-ordinary, it doesn't even have to be all that extraordinary.
They're baffled, confused, but you're still the only one that's being abused – by the unseen foe.

This is just daily life in the life of a kid who's had his fair share of strife.
Or is he a man? Does what he's been through entitle him to that sort of transformation?
Or does it even matter? You'd think that with everything going on only someone as mad as a Hatter would even consider things like this that somehow ended up in this kid's gray matter.

Wait now, don't lose your focus. To cover this shit up you might need to pull some hocus pocus.
Just remember what all five doctors told you, deep breaths.
In through your nose, out through your mouth.
But they're still looking at you like a black man in the 60s deep south.

Control is the key. You try and heed the words of Lupe, just kick, just push.
Try and get through this without resorting to the kush.

You know, they say it works wonders for people with this pain.
No. You've got to, have to, stay on top of your game.

You're through with this nonsense. Why can't they just put you in the ground and then change the topic?
Nah, for these kids that examine everything as if it were microscopic with their demonic minds that only ever search for the toxic with their optics – that just wouldn't satisfy.
They'd make you feel ashamed as if you were a samurai, but wait, that just brings you right back to suicide.

So there you are, laying there, a public spectacle.
You're being lowered down while you're on a pedestal.

Snap! It's gone. The stares you got before go benign.
So you smile, you go about your normal routine.
Always wary for the next time that that you'll be attacked by the foe unseen.

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