October 30, 2010
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Lost in a world so big, so full of secrets. . . she can't express her true feelings.

Her thoughts, daze off into countless, mind-capturing dreams. . . she only prayed were true, but knowing, it were only a frigment of the imagination.

Lies after lies, she fed her beloved. Knowing that if the truth were to spill, the end has yet to come.

Unknown to the populated world we all are informed as to be school. Locked away, hidden behind the glorious mask that were truly broken.

Confused towards the feelings shed in the body, the mind. Soul capturing yet heart breaking. . . if only he knew what he truly dawned up her.

Yet, she stands there. Clean, precise, like a supposed perfect little gem. Though, the odd one out. Statue framed, she stood screaming on the top of her lungs---but no heads turn.

She's unseen.

And that is all she will ever be until the place so deep into the core of her heart, well-being, clears out and brings out the girl she once was.

Come forth and claim who she truly had been deep down inside. Way way deep down.

Obtaining her trueself. Who was always meant to be. . . herself.

Unique. Creative. Spontangeous. Imaginative.

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