A Golden Truth

October 30, 2010
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What is a lie?
Is it a false statement,
or a stretch of a truth?

What then, is the truth?
A statement that can be proved,
or honest opinion?

"Proof," can be overruled.
Honest opinion can be wrong.
A false statement can be proven wrong.

What if it's proven true?
What do you know?
Do you have proof?
Do you even exist?

Prove it, then.
Sow me definite,
undeniable evidence.

A 'God-given truth'.
You have no such proof.
You do not exist.

I want truth.
Truth that overrides all.
Truth that BECOMES real,
no matter what.

I have no such proof.
I cannot prove anything.
I cannot exist.

There is no proof,
No Golden Truth.

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