Nothingness and Pain

October 29, 2010
By teenspeaks BRONZE, Iriga City, Other
teenspeaks BRONZE, Iriga City, Other
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It's just so unfair
Living in this dark lair
Nasty things lurking around
Waiting for you in a chain to be bound

It just hurts so badly
Especially when you see
People whom you thought are faithful
Crushes your heart and soul

It aches so much to see
You don't even care a bit 'bout me
There may be so many things I don't understand
Living in this nothingness of a land

I thought you were a real precious jewel
But now my faith in you turned into gel
Nothing more than that it is now
Before it was as hard and sturdy as stone

Why can't you see the things I do for you
Those good you turn into wrong too
It's hard to know one is not appreciated
Even though you do all things accepted

It hurts to know that those I have trusted
Never even thought about what I felt and wanted
You never considered what impact you would create
You may realize it when it is already too late

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