October 29, 2010
By teenspeaks BRONZE, Iriga City, Other
teenspeaks BRONZE, Iriga City, Other
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From afar I watched you,
Hoping that you would notice me too
It's you and you along,
I would see and hear no matter what the tone

A friend you consider me,
But, there's more from what I see
For you I am only ordinary,
While for me you're more precious than anybody

Everyday with you I would always talk,
To you I would always walk
A thousand miles no less,
I would always give my best

I like you no matter what,
Deny that fact, I would not
But what am I to you,
Than a mere friend, it's true

Daily, I fool myself
Hiding the truth in a shelf
That for you I'm no more
Someone to talk with before

Your heart to someone else you gave
To you my heart would always be a slave
It hurts to know that it's not me you chose
It pricks like the thorns of the sweet rose

Any pain I can endure
But letting you go, I'm not so sure
It's hard to give you to someone else
When I know it's for you my heart rings like bells

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