October 28, 2010
A creature of vogue nature
prowls the night for food
as its skin glistens in the
darkness of the night as
it moves silently more than
a shadow could ever be. Swiftly
and nimbly does it make as it
makes way to its newfound prey.
As it jumps to a tree branch
and observes every moment
the prey is making, cunningly
measuring their possible next
move and is to find the perfect
moment of an opening of its
unaware prey. As it is to
find one, it readies its powerful
body and sails through the air
as it pounces on its prey. With
overpowering king-like grace,
it kills it in swift a motion
as it is to begin its meal on this
moonlit night.

This creature of vogue nature,
with its yellow insidious eyes,
its silky fur as it shines with a hue
of black diamonds, deceitful, hungry
mouth crawling with fangs and
a coiling long tongue which all
rests in its powerful jaws. To always
stand with the grace and beauty of
a Queen, and astute and ferocious
like a true King. Nimbly muscled
legs and long tail that trails behind,
swishing according to its master’s will.

Its existence blends in darkness
with only those eyes giving its
hiding away. This creature of elegant,
keen and powerful, yet vogue nature
is what the world is to call a

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