Aunt Hilary

October 28, 2010
By Anonymous

The burn in my eyes,
From when the tears slide through,
Stains my faint memories,
Of what's left of you,
You left some time ago,
And i wish i knew,
What was to come

My stomach pangs,
When i recall your voice,
You were swept away,
And i had no choice,
But to say goodbye,
Without a noise,
You were gone

A whisper in the wind,
Time flew past,
But i clung to the memory of you,
Trying to make it last,
Just know you're not forgotten,
Even though some might ask,
Who you were

A breath from the sky,
And i know it's you,
A kiss from the sun,
That's only your kind of true,
The sweet splash from the sea,
They all give me a clue,
You're all around me,
I know you've found me,
I love you Aunt Hilary

The author's comments:
My aunt Hilary died 8 years ago. She and I were very close, I saw her almost every week. After her sudden death i was shattered.
The saddening experience gave me the words for this poem.

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