October 28, 2010
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His silver heart dangles
'round her neck, from a chain
And the shame leaks down
the both of them,
acid to the rain

Oh, but they'd burned like ice-
the dry kind. Every night, just
fine. His words were her
ecstacy, her ecstacy
his rhyme

Don't temp me, he'd
said. Yet, temptation had
suficed. It was he who merged
their flames with lye, then he
who let their fire die

Oil and ice, they were
And oil turned to flame 'round her
First suffocated, every night,
oil over ice, until he lit
that town on fire,
left his essence
in the mire

To begin again
as water and
as fire, seperate

both liars,
impersonating water and
impersonating fire

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