Hate Today

October 28, 2010
By Beinion BRONZE, Newmarket, Other
Beinion BRONZE, Newmarket, Other
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It’s the perfect weapon
That can steel light from the sun
It can kill with a glance
And put your friends in a trance

It’s as wild as a tiger
As dangerous as a sniper
It’s deceiving like a spy
and can choke you like a tie

People use it everyday
without knowing, sad to say
It looks so appeasing,
so delightful, so relieving

You've probably used it on your sister
Or on the new boy Trevor
I know.....I know...I’ve used it too
It’s so easy to get addicted to.
It’s like a drug
sucking life out like a parasitic slug

It’s the root of jealously
It’s the cause of pain daily
It’s the death of generosity
And the birth of the snotty
It’s the brother of anger
the sister of the sinner
It’s the idea behind divorces
And the creator of all self control, self help, courses

Have you figured it out now
If not, it’s okay...I’m not ready to take my bow

This weapon can break hearts like tooth picks
And it’s most surely, the voice behind the word “ick”
When people discover that they have it,
they usually try to hide it
Though I do not know why
Because if we all have it, why hide it, why even try

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