October 28, 2010
The deep dark sky,
Lit up my world in a single second.
His piercing brown eyes,
Made me shun and listen.
For I never meant to be sorry,
I only meant to glisten.
Glisten in the light,
Of his golden bright smile.
But instead,
I was taken.
Taken from who I am,
As a person,
As a friend.
Into now what I am,
A silent adolesent.
He hid me away,
Just for his fame.
His glory,
All for laughs and smiles,
From the real beauties.
He dressed me up,
And made me his puppet,
With strings.
For I had let him,
And that was not meant to be.
I meant to hug him,
Hold him,
Tell him that I’m sorry.
But instead,
I let him control me,
And make me into a story.
A story with no happy endings,
No charming princes,
And daring witches.
I became a story full of,
And stiches.
Stiches to sew my broken heart,
For he was nothing more,
Than a boy who made me giggle,
And laugh.
I may have liked him,
But honestly,
He used me to his advantage.
Just to confuse me.
I said that I was sorry,
Too may times before.
Now you must understand,
What you did,
Those years and more.
You hurt someone you truly,
Just for laughs.
But now all you hear,
Is a threatening,

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