An escapable world

November 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Through evolutions process, I am stuck here
Simply waiting for that way out
An escapable world, how will I find my exit?
With only one way out, can I make it?

Through the cracks of time, there have been many failures
I might be the biggest
I’m only here temporarily
I don’t give a damn

They call me strong, they call me weak
I think I fall somewhere in between
Though I have many personalities
I am me, and that’s all there is to it

Simply walking leaves my exhausted
But I’m walking endlessly
I don’t have any specific destination
I’ll keep going

With only complications in the world
One might find it difficult to move on
It’s a sad past leading to an emotionless future
But the present is highly questionable

I think my time is finally ending
But what do I make of it?
Do I grieve now? Should I grieve now?
No. I’ll just let nature takes its turn

Gone now with nothing to fear
An ending life is nothing to be afraid of
Blessed I should be to have been in such a world
But now my creator takes me back

The next place is still, less chaotic
Nothing is born and nothing dies
Everything is just there
A beautiful world, the one I now live in

This long travel has left me dry of ideas
I don’t need anymore though
What will thinking do now?
Thinking won’t do much for me now

A world where nothing is born and nothing dies
The world I now exist in
The land of the dead will get pretty lonely
Surely though, there will be more to come

The author's comments:
It's all mainly about death. Death itself has been swarming my mind, leaving me deep within contemplation on how or what it could really mean. You know, where we go and all that.

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