An escapable world

November 2, 2010
By , San Marcos, TX
Through evolutions process, I am stuck here
Simply waiting for that way out
An escapable world, how will I find my exit?
With only one way out, can I make it?

Through the cracks of time, there have been many failures
I might be the biggest
I’m only here temporarily
I don’t give a damn

They call me strong, they call me weak
I think I fall somewhere in between
Though I have many personalities
I am me, and that’s all there is to it

Simply walking leaves my exhausted
But I’m walking endlessly
I don’t have any specific destination
I’ll keep going

With only complications in the world
One might find it difficult to move on
It’s a sad past leading to an emotionless future
But the present is highly questionable

I think my time is finally ending
But what do I make of it?
Do I grieve now? Should I grieve now?
No. I’ll just let nature takes its turn

Gone now with nothing to fear
An ending life is nothing to be afraid of
Blessed I should be to have been in such a world
But now my creator takes me back

The next place is still, less chaotic
Nothing is born and nothing dies
Everything is just there
A beautiful world, the one I now live in

This long travel has left me dry of ideas
I don’t need anymore though
What will thinking do now?
Thinking won’t do much for me now

A world where nothing is born and nothing dies
The world I now exist in
The land of the dead will get pretty lonely
Surely though, there will be more to come

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