Lost in Time

October 31, 2010
By Ryan Shene BRONZE, Oneida, New York
Ryan Shene BRONZE, Oneida, New York
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A picture is simply a moment in time, captured forever.
I wonder if that’s how my whole life will look someday.
Who will be the photographer of my life?
What moments will be worth capturing?
Will anything be worth remembering?
Or will everything of importance be forgotten?
Will the camera tire with age?
Perhaps those captured moments will become few and far between.
Or maybe they will be lost entirely.
Maybe all that matters will be gone.
After all, we miss much of our lives sleeping.
We drift away and fade out due to lack of excitement.
It’s easy to pay attention to something new,
It’s the antique that falls by the wayside, lonely and forgotten.
That is what life becomes.
We watch instead of participating.
We lose track of what’s important because we aren’t really there.
We forget what is special and cannot remember those once captured moments.
We lose ourselves, only seeing the external.
Then one day we wake up.
We don’t know who we are; we don’t know who anyone else is.
We realize we forgot to pay attention.
We forgot to live our lives.
As life passed us by, we became lost in time…

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