Borrowed Hoodies and Broken Hearts

October 31, 2010
By mandaleigh96 SILVER, Keansburg, New Jersey
mandaleigh96 SILVER, Keansburg, New Jersey
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I was freezing cold
But the smoke warmed me up
Your hoodie did more
Made me feel warm, safe, loved
(Things I haven't been for a while)
Just like I'd imagine
Your arms would now
Sometimes I wonder
Do you ever look at me like that?
A while ago, you were talking
About how sometimes you wish
You had a girl you could snuggle up to
On those cold, lonely nights
Well I know what you mean
And I've got a boy
I used to love to snuggle up to him
But he's never there anymore
And it makes me so insecure
So now I'm not sure
He doesn't approve
People say don't let him run my life
But they don't understand
He used to BE my life
And he's the only reason
I'm still breathing
He keeps me believing
That everything's going to be alright
And I want him tonight
But he's not here
So I'm slipping back
Into familiar fear
Cause he doesn't understand
But you do
And he's just a boy
But you're a man
But I love that boy
More than
I'd ever like you
So I know what I've got to do

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