The Real Me

October 31, 2010
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My barriers are up,
My head is down,
Hiding the tears they have not found,
I sit without a sound,
Not wanting to speak,
Ineed to be alone so i can actually think,
I know i'm a freak,
But i dont care,
So dont you dare,
Stop and stare,
See all the things i never wanted you to see,
The plea in my eyes,
The sound of my cries,
No one can see what i see in my eyes,
The night brings back the memories,
Of who i used to be,
The old me who was free,
Now im shackled to this place they call earth,
Why is everything so bizerk,
So as i adoo you a farewell,
I pour out my heart,
Come to think of it,
Thats what i should have done from the start....

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