Dear Diary,

October 31, 2010
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Dear Diary,
I met this guy
3 years ago.
but he started talking to me
he talks to me every night
and everyday my feelings grow
and he's different
from everyone I know.
love me.

Dear Diary,
I asked him to hang out with me
and he said yes!!!
I'm so excited and scared
and I hope something happens
but not to much
I just don't know
but I'm so excited
love me.

Dear Diary,
I had so much fun
nothing happened though.
no good night kiss
but I'm okay with that
all we did was talk
and see a movie with a friend
it was so fun
and I haven't laughed that much
since my last boyfriend.
I have to go though
love me.

Dear Diary,
I asked to hang out this weekend
just me and him
around my town
and he said yes!
and I'm even more nervous now
I don't know what to do
because it's all a secret
don't tell :D
love me

Dear Diary,
I kissed him and he wanted me to
I turned bright red
he got red too an that was amzing
he ran his hand down my face
and traced my lips with his thumb
but he kept getting so close
and I just couldn't take it
then I kissed him
and he kissed me back
then I pulled away
he kissed me again
my hearts still beating in my chest
I don't know whats going to happen
but I hope this lasts for a little while longer
love me.

one year later

Dear Diary,
he dumped me...
he said it wouldn't work out
I feel sick.
but I want him to be happy
this sucks
what am I going to do...
I guess were just to different
okay Diary I have to go
thanks for listening

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