Love and don't forget

October 31, 2010
By dnm509 BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
dnm509 BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
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If you need to take a heart,
Just go ahead take a heart girl.
If you need a kiss,
Just go take one kiss from someone.
If you need a date,
Just go find a date.

But take a heart, a kiss, a date

If you need love,
Go find it.
If you need a guy,
Go find one their waiting.
If you need flowers,
Go out and find some.

But find love, a guy, flowers

If you want a broken heart,
Just go right ahead.
If you want a mean guy,
Just go right ahead.
If you want someone to be abusive,
Just go right ahead.

Once you find them
You will regret it
You are so better
then that and you know it
Just go right ahead
Just be in the hospital bed
every night, day, evening also,
You're the one who chose wrong

Look for a different person!
One who will treat you right.

'Cause now you will be
happy and no more doctors
in your room.

So find it, take it, live it

The author's comments:
My teacher and mother inspire me to write poems of my own everyday

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