After All

October 31, 2010
After all I’ve done, after all my time
I still don’t think I could love you more
After all I’ve tried, after all I’ve given
I still don’t think you give a damn
After all I’ve cared, after all I’ve paid
You couldn’t name a higher price
After all I gave, after all you’ve been told
You shouldn’t treat me like this
After all you know, after all you’ve heard
You’d think you could be nicer
After all I’ve told you, after all of this
I still haven’t gotten that first kiss
After all you’ve seen, after all this mess
I’d hope you’d see how much I love you
After all the times I’ve told you
You’d think you would be used to it
After all the time I think of you
I still can’t hold back the tears
After all you’ve hurt me, after all I do
You’d think I could stop loving you
After all the times I’ve been told
You’d think I could move on
After all the jokes, after all the tears
I still get butterflies when I see you
After all the pain, after all the heartbreak
I shouldn’t be able to move
After all your smiles, after all your frowns
Its still a shock to meet your eyes
Afte all the times you’ve broken my heart
I still fall for you at every glance
After all, I still love you…

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