O' Sea Child Revised

October 31, 2010
O’ Sea Child, born of the God of all Water and Earth
Whose Triton has the power to both create and
Destroy. Are thee really born of Him or are thee
A mere creation by the Gods sent to mock me in my desperate
Attempts at Love and Sharing as well as Generosity and Friendship?

Does the King of Olympus decree that thee be sent as temporary company
Before I can find peace or has the beautiful goddess of love blessed me with thy kind soul?
Has the Archer looked upon me with his witty smile on his little peach face
Or did His Majesty order His Blacksmith, creator of all things
To forge thee as he had forged Pandora just for the sake
Of entertaining me for a little while.

Hast thou been sent to end my suffering or
To continue it to the pleasure and whim of the Olympians
Hast the Messenger smiled upon me by giving thee humor and craftiness?
Or was that just part of the overall plan of the Gods for my destiny?
Has the King finally given me a gift worth enjoying or art
Thou to be my murderer when alas, old age cannot bring me down?

Does the goddess of vengeance plan for thee to be good or to be evil?
Do her sisters, who decide all life and death have something to make my thread a bit longer
Than it would be without someone to show my love and caring to?
Or has Dream bringer struck me again with his ability to create false dreams
And pitiful nightmares that never cease to haunt me throughout my entire life?

Does the Mother of the Earth still hold love in her stone heart that she yearns to give mankind?
Or has her sky brother driven her so far down to hatred when he outcast her deformed sons
The One-Eyed Beasts and the monsters of a Hundred Arms and Fifty Heads that
No longer does she feel warm emotions for her creations walking upon her planet and
Depleting the Resources she has to offer?

Do the Titans have a destiny planned for me under their rule with thee? Or has Jove sent thee
As an emissary to turn me over to his side? Has the Fire keeper aided him in convincing me of this?
Or has he done this all of his own accord? This and more I wish to lead from thee O’ Sea Child

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