Talk Over Me

October 31, 2010
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Too many sights.
Too many sounds.
Too much noise,
I think I've drowned....
Or have been drowned out.

In a thousand of my racing thoughts,
A million stuttered, stumbling sentences
That don't even ignite a spark of interest.
So I guess you don't really have to listen.

So feel free,
Talk over me.

Take a moment.
Why are you reading this?

I'm not a dynamic person,
I don't really demand attention.
I'm just sort of average, run of the mill.
So you can ask how I am,
But don't need the answer.

Because the answer's always the same, huh?
Good or bad, it's easy to guess
Nothing new going on over here.
So just leave me in my silence.

Again, feel free,
Talk over me.

But if I speak...

What? What could I possibly want now?

Maybe I just want you to actually listen.

But that's alright, turn away.

Maybe I just wish I had something to say.

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