Inside a boys head

October 31, 2010
By MelanieElizabeth_18 GOLD, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
MelanieElizabeth_18 GOLD, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
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"No sacrifice, No victory."

She was even more pretty than I could ever imagine,
When the sunlight hit her face her eyes sparkeled like diamonds,
When she smirked and winked toward me she promised passion.
Her hair was a glossy auburn chestnut mix that shined,
Her stance and composure was perfected, even from behind.
Whats the chance ofme even getting her to look my way?
My baby blue eyes look down at my feet, im stray.
She's a barbie, perfect.
My porcelien doll.
Flawless and undiniable,
She walks so feirce her love has to be unreliable.
Tall skinny with a perfect frame,
Im sure to her im just a part of her big game.
She probably wont even rememeber my name.

The author's comments:
So I decided to finally write a poem in a boys point of veiw. Weird huh? Yeah well, let me know what you think. Deff not my best work, just a sample of a lil idea.

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