Because of you

October 30, 2010
By , Nogales, AZ
You made me smile when I was down,
you gave me a reason to love,a reason
to be happy.I gave you everything I
had,&you walked away,taking it all.

You've made me cry so many times,
over&over you stabbed my heart&stood
there,watching me die.I proved my
love so many times,but you took me for granted.

Because of you,I can't love anyone
else,can't let anybody else in,for
fear of getting hurt again.I tried so many times,but you never cared,you only saw your pain.

I was just so young,and you took
advantage of that.You have no idea
how special you made me feel,but then you let me fall,&then you took away my main reason to live.

Today I still cry a lot,I wake up in the middle of the night,in pain,
all for the same damn thing.Because
of you,now it's only my body that walks around,lifeless,heartless,loveless...

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