Cauldron of Wonders

October 30, 2010
By gkswodls SILVER, San Diego, California
gkswodls SILVER, San Diego, California
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The little children huddled under the yawning jaws of the house
Blowing out ash and smoke once in a while
And letting out moans for which it remains unknown for if it was for joy or sadness
Never the less, the children moved forward
Pushing each other closer and closer to the doorway
The first and most courageous of them fell back when the steps shrieked under his feet
The rest jumped back almost to the gate left ajar for their escape
But inched forward at the signal of the first
He rang the bell and waited anxiously
The door creaked open and was he met face to face with a long wart-filled nose
Though scared out of his wits he shoved his basket demanding goods
The nose disappeared and reappeared with a set of gnarled fingers
In it a big cauldron
The children leaned in afraid but driven by curiosity
To see jewels of chocolate and chewable wonders
They squealed with delight as their hands dived in.

The author's comments:
i just wanted to record the feeling halloween gave me before i might forget them as i grow older

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